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Essential considerations for crafting quality media queries

Learn what you need to know to set up media queries that maximize efficiency and robustness for your particular project. There are pros and cons to making your media queries embedded versus external, overlapping versus stacking your media queries, starting with mobile versus desktop styles, and using conditional comments versus JavaScript to add support for IE 8 and earlier versions.

Bug fixes for removing the inner shadow on iOS inputs

You should be able to remove the default inner shadows on text field inputs in Safari on iOS using -webkit-appearance, but a couple bugs with the property reduce its usefulness. Luckily, you can work around the bugs using CSS3 gradient background images instead.

Examples of flexible layouts with CSS3 media queries

Media queries let you to feed different CSS to users based on their viewport size (among other things), allowing you to create even more flexible layouts than ever before. See visual examples of real sites that use CSS3 media queries to make the layout more adaptable to the variety of screen sizes and devices in use today.

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