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Using Modernizr with Flexbox

The Modernizr feature-detection script now includes four tests for flexbox support, which you can use to target browsers with varying levels of support more precisely.

Full-width pinned layouts with flexbox

Learn how to use flexbox to pin two things to opposite ends of the viewport with a heading centered in between. Using media queries and flexbox’s re-ordering capabilities, we can make this layout pattern even more responsive.

Flexbox syntax for IE 10

It’s tough to keep track of which version of the Flexbox spec uses which property and value names, so here’s a comparison of the current syntax with the 2011 syntax that IE 10 supports, as well as a basic definition of what each Flexbox property does.

CSS3 Layout presentation at In Control Orlando

Download the slides for my presentation on CSS3 Layout for the In Control 2013 Orlando conference, as well as get links to related resources on flexible box layout, grid layout, and other new CSS3 layout-related modules that can be used as alternatives to float layout.

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