Zoe Gillenwater

About Zoe Mickley Gillenwater

I am an experienced web designer and technical author who specializes in visual design, CSS, UX, and accessibility. I’m the author of the New Riders books Stunning CSS3: A Project-based Guide to the Latest in CSS and Flexible Web Design: Creating Liquid and Elastic Layouts with CSS and the video training title Web Accessibility Principles for lynda.com, and I have written nearly 100 articles and tutorials for publications like .net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, and the web development training site Community MX on a variety of web design topics. I also have enjoyed helping others learn web standards through my many previous conference speaking engagements.

I currently work as a UX designer for Booking.com. In the past, I worked as a freelance web and print designer and consultant, specializing in web design and front-end development, logo design, and graphic design of marketing materials. I also worked as the design services manager at a university research center and a web designer at a design agency, so I have experience in freelance, in-house, and agency design workflows.

You can learn more about my work experience and skills on my LinkedIn profile.

I currently live in Amsterdam, but am originally from the Chicago area in the USA. I’ve got a fantastic husband and two adorable and energetic little kids.

About this Site

This site is powered by WordPress, not just for the blog postings, but for all of the pages. I built the WordPress theme myself from scratch, and it’s of course always a work in progress!

I do my coding in Sublime. I use Sass with Prepros to compile the CSS.

The site is responsive. The layout is liquid/fluid with fixed-width sidebars at some screen widths. It uses CSS3 media queries to adapt to a variety of screen sizes.

The fonts are Istok Web and Better, and they are served from Google Web Fonts.