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Download the slides for my presentation on Designing with CSS3 Effectively and Efficiently for Adobe MAX, as well as get links to related resources on CSS3 effects, benefits, and media queries.

I just finished speaking at Adobe MAX on “Designing with CSS3 Effectively & Efficiently,” the latest iteration of the talk I gave at Web Directions USA, the CSS Summit, and ConvergeSE. I talked about how CSS3 is about more than making things look pretty (though it’s really good at that too). Many CSS3 techniques can reduce your development times, decrease page loading times, improve usability, and increase the adaptability of your pages to different devices (including iPads, iPhones, and Android smart phones). I showed examples of the pieces of CSS3 you can add to your web sites right now and how they might benefit your projects in tangible ways. I included a case study of a real site’s loading time and appearance before and after CSS3, plus an example page built using media queries to improve its appearance and usability at different screen sizes.

You can view the slides on SlideShare, or download the slides here:

Designing with CSS3 Effectively & Efficiently (PDF, 3.3 mb)

Here are several links to related resources that I couldn’t put in the slides but which you might find useful.

Beginner CSS3 Articles

Benefits of CSS3

Media Queries

Flexible Layouts


Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about my book, Stunning CSS3: A Project-based Guide to the Latest in CSS, head on over to That’s where the example files for the media query site I showed during my presentation will eventually be hosted. For now, check out the CSS used on the site to see a wide variety of CSS3 techniques in use.

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  1. Brent

    The Adobe Max “Designing with CSS3 Effectively & Efficiently” does not work. It delivers a 404 error. Please can you check the link.

    • Zoe Gillenwater

      Sorry about that! It was broken, then I fixed it and tested it, then somehow it became broken again. I think WordPress is munging relative URLs or something. Anyway, it’s fixed again now. Sorry again!


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