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IE 7 button text redraw bug

Internet Explorer 7 has a bug where, when it redraws the text of buttons after scrolling them out and then back into the viewport, lines of pixels are missing from the text. I can’t figure out a fix and need some help.

Bug fixes for removing the inner shadow on iOS inputs

You should be able to remove the default inner shadows on text field inputs in Safari on iOS using -webkit-appearance, but a couple bugs with the property reduce its usefulness. Luckily, you can work around the bugs using CSS3 gradient background images instead.

Videos of screen readers using ARIA

Recordings of screen readers using widgets with and without WAI-ARIA can be a good educational resource for why ARIA is important to accessibility. There aren’t many out there, but here’s what I found.

Examples of flexible layouts with CSS3 media queries

Media queries let you to feed different CSS to users based on their viewport size (among other things), allowing you to create even more flexible layouts than ever before. See visual examples of real sites that use CSS3 media queries to make the layout more adaptable to the variety of screen sizes and devices in use today.

Deal-breaker problems with CSS3 multi-columns

Firefox and Webkit support some of the CSS3 multi-column layout properties—but not very well. Unfortunately, the spec isn’t very clear about what’s correct. Until the spec is clearer and the browser problems are ironed out, multi-columns are useless to me.

Thoughts on my first time at SXSW

The two biggest things that I came away from SXSW Interactive with were more connections with some really smart and talented people in my industry, and a renewed sense of excitement in my work. Plus, a few tips for SXSW newbies.

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