Responsive web design presentation at STC Summit

Today I spoke at the STC Summit in Chicago (my hometown) on CSS3, Media Queries, and Responsive Design. It’s the latest evolution of the talk I last gave at indieconf last November. I talked about the basics of CSS3 media query syntax but focused on the challenges and considerations that go into building a site from scratch with media queries to power the layout. I used the fictional Little Pea Bakery site from my book Stunning CSS3 as a demo for how to adapt the CSS to make better use of the space at different viewport widths, from small mobile devices to large TVs.

You can view the slides on SlideShare, or download the slides here:

CSS3, Media Queries, and Responsive Design (PDF, 1.3 mb)

Here are several links to related resources, some of which are in the slides plus many that were not but which I recommend and think you’ll find useful.

Media query articles, tutorials, and tools


Where I’ve been, where I’m going

I’ve been very quiet on Twitter and email lately because I had jury duty from April 3 to May 8. (It was a murder and kidnapping trial. Not fun!) I was supposed to speak at Future Insights Live (FILive) the first week of May but was forced to cancel due to my jury service, and since you’re not supposed to talk about being on a jury while you’re on it, I couldn’t even let people know this to apologize in advance! (Other than the conference organizers—I did notify them and tell them how sorry and disappointed I was.) So now that I can talk about it, let me apologize after the fact: If you were expecting to see me at FILive, I’m very sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ve never had to cancel a speaking engagement before and wouldn’t have done so this time if I weren’t forced to.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to come see me speak at Future of Web Design (FOWD) this fall instead. I don’t have many details right now, but the plan is to give the same presentation on “The Future of CSS Layout” at FOWD, since the Carsonified folks graciously agreed to let me switch from FILive to FOWD. I’ll share more details when I have them!

In the meantime, I’ll be speaking in just a couple weeks (May 23, to be exact) at the Society for Technical Communication Summit in my home city of Chicago. The presentation is on one of my favorite topics: media queries and responsive design.