CSS Summit 2010 slides and resources

I just finished speaking at the CSS Summit online conference. Well, technically, I’m writing this before I spoke, so that the post can be up as soon as my talk is done. Sneaky, huh? Anyway, my presentation was titled “Effective & Efficient Design with CSS3,” an extension of the talk I gave at ConvergeSE.

If you’d like to check out the slides, here they are:

Effective & Efficient Design with CSS3 (PDF, 1.7 mb)

Here are several links to related resources that I couldn’t put in the slides but which you might find useful. (more…)

The CSS Summit is near

Only a few days left until the 2nd annual CSS Summit online conference on July 28. I’m excited about the lineup, which includes:

  • My great friend Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis speaking about great tools to make CSS3 development easier and how to make many CSS3 effects work in a wider variety of browsers and devices.
  • Nicole Sullivan explaining how she optimized Facebook’s massive CSS file. (I’m so curious to hear about this!)
  • Estelle Weyl teaching how to develop CSS3 and HTML5 for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. (It’s awesome how many new techniques you can use.)

Plus five more sessions (including my own on ways to improve efficiency and usability with CSS3). Want to “attend”? I have a couple options for you.

One, you can still buy a ticket for $179, plus get 10% off by using discount code CSSGILLENWATER when you sign up.

Two, you can win a ticket! To enter the contest, tweet “I want to go to the #CSSsummit on July 28. Follow @zomigi and retweet to win. Learn more at http://bit.ly/csZgT9.” Do this by this Sunday morning at 8 am Eastern US time. I’ll pick the winner immediately afterward and notify him or her through Twitter (which is why I need you to follow me).

ConvergeSE 2010 and upcoming conferences

On June 26 I spoke at ConvergeSE in Columbia, SC. It was a small conference, but had some really wonderful speakers. Unfortunately, I was sick with a bad cold, so I missed a few talks and didn’t get to hang out with everyone afterward. But the talks I did hear were quite inspiring. I just love going to presentations that get you all excited about the work that you do. Go to the ConvergeSE site to view speakers’ slides and, eventually, video of the actual presentations.

My presentation was titled “Improving Efficiency and Usability with CSS3.” I talked about how CSS3 is about more than making things look pretty (though it’s really good at that too). Many CSS3 techniques can reduce your development times, decrease page loading times, improve usability, and increase the adaptability of your pages to different devices (including iPads and iPhones). I talked about which pieces of CSS3 you can add to your web sites right now and how they might benefit your projects in tangible ways.