Web Directions USA

September 22 –23, 2010, in Atlanta conference session:

“Effective & Efficient Design with CSS3”

Since many pieces of CSS3 are now supported in the majority of browsers, web sites are popping up all over the place that feature rounded corners (ooh), drop shadows (ahh), and unique embedded fonts (hooray!). But CSS3 can do more than add visual richness to your sites (though it’s quite good at that). Using robust, forward-thinking CSS3 techniques in place of the old standbys can have tangible benefits for your business and users. Powerful new selectors and image-free visual effects can streamline your sites and improve their speed. Media queries can make your sites more adaptable and usable on the wide variety of browser configurations and user agents in use today, including mobile devices like iPhone, Android, and iPad. CSS3 is changing how we design and develop web sites, allowing us to quickly and easily create and maintain highly efficient and adaptable sites that are a pleasure to use. You’ll learn practical yet progressive examples of the most beneficial CSS3 techniques to put to use in your pages today.