National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) Annual Conference

September 10 , 2008, in St. Charles, IL conference session:

“Designing CSS Layouts for the Flexible Web”

Designers will learn what both liquid and elastic layouts are, what types of sites they work well on, and the benefits (and challenges) that they bring. The bulk of the session will teach designers how to design for these types of layouts by presenting numerous visual examples of both real and mocked up web sites and showing how to transform their design conventions to be more flexible-friendly. While we won’t have time to cover the technicalities of how to use CSS to actually build the flexible design elements, learning how to design with CSS and flexibility in mind from the beginning will make the later building process a lot less painful. Designers will leave the session with a list of things to watch out for while creating their next design comps, as well as ideas for how to tweak the designs of even their fixed-width layouts to adapt better to user-controlled font sizes and other flexible web conditions.