May 24 –26, 2017, in Warsaw conference session:

“Experimenting Your Way to a Better Product”

We all want to create the best possible product for our users, that also meets the goals of our business in the strongest way. But how do we know if we are really doing that? A/B testing is a tool and process that can validate your design and development decisions through data, helping you remain focused on your customers and achieve more success in solving their problems.

In this presentation, you’ll learn why A/B testing is important and why “expert” opinions about UX and visual design are so often wrong. I’ll talk about how has been using A/B testing and other user research to optimize its products for a decade, and the do’s and don’t’s I’ve learned from running hundreds of experiments over the past three years there. You’ll leave with ideas for when and how to use data to improve your own work and add value to your business.