Help me declutter before I move overseas

I’m excited to announce that I’m about to start a new position as a UX designer for To do so, I’m moving from the US to Amsterdam in the Netherlands! For the past several weeks, my husband and I have been busy preparing for such a big move, and a big part of that has been decluttering. One thing that I have far too much of is copies of my book Stunning CSS3: A Project-based Guide to the Latest in CSS. Books are heavy. I don’t want to move all these books. Plus, it’s silly for me to have these books when someone else could be benefiting from them.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to give away a bunch of copies of Stunning CSS3 to you guys. All I want in return is for you to donate something to Carolina Tiger Rescue, a big cat sanctuary here in North Carolina that is doing great work and that more people ought to know about. Everyone loves wild cats, right?

If you would like a copy of the book, follow these steps in the next couple days:

  1. Go to the donation page for Carolina Tiger Rescue and make a donation in whatever amount you like.
  2. Tweet at me something like “I just donated to Carolina Tiger Rescue, so @zomigi is going to send me a copy of her book Stunning CSS3″ and add a link to this blog post so others can do it too if they like.
  3. I’ll make sure to follow you, if I’m not already, so you can then send me a direct message with your mailing address.

I’ll send books to up to 10 people, and I’ll update this blog post if I hit that number (or run out of time before my move). For now, I can only send to people in the US, unfortunately. But, perhaps when I get over to Europe I’ll do another giveaway for you non-Americans!

Thanks for helping me clean out my house. 🙂