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  1. We need more moms in web design and development

    I’ve noticed that there are very few moms speaking at conferences in our industry. I’d like us to do our little part to make it easier for women to work in technology fields by making web design and development conferences more mom-friendly. This can help all of us, not just the moms.

  2. Enhancing Responsiveness with Flexbox presentation at RWD Summit

    Download the slides and view the demos for my presentation on practical flexbox progressive enhancement for RWD, “Enhancing Responsiveness with Flexbox” for the RWD Summit, as well as get links to related articles, tutorials, and tools on Flexible Box Layout.

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I have spoken at web design and development conferences on topics that include CSS3, CSS layout, responsive web design, and accessibility. Want me to speak or teach a workshop at your event? Get in touch.

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Get the slides plus links to related resources for my past conference and meet-up presentations.

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I have over 14 years experience in professional web design and web development. Here's a sample of some of the sites I've designed and built.

  • Little Pea Bakery
  • Moving to Motherhood
  • National Center for Safe Routes to School
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